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10-Breath Technique

Getting Personal….

Ever wonder why we take a deep breath when we are stressed?

It’s the body’s natural response to feeling distress. Breathing alleviates the tightness and constriction brought on by anxiety. The intestines become constricted and that is why we feel “knots” in our stomach. This is so hard for me sometimes to remember my breath.

After all the yoga I’ve taken in my life, I should know this by now, but it remains to be the last thing I do and the first thing I forget. I have started meditating this year, although have yet to keep it a daily practice. I’ve read so many studies that meditation helps heal the brain from addiction, trauma, and anxiety.

I know it is directly correlated to my digestive system because when the brain is calm, the tummy is too. Every time I get upset, I lose my appetite. I could be absolutely famished, but one distressful experience will throw me into a hunger strike. Some people eat when they’re anxious, but I’m the opposite. I eat when I’m happy and peaceful.

As a chef who spent years in a stressful environment, people always wondered why I didn’t eat more? I rarely ate much in the kitchen, mostly because there was no time, but certainly because my nerves were on edge all day. Transitioning into a new career of holistic health, I’ve decided to stop the daily stress on my adrenals and keep anxiety at bay by breathing.

I want a healthy appetite and I love eating. Breathing is my biggest challenge but it is my main goal this year for a healthy colon. I’m going to breathe deeply and remember my second brain is in my gut. Emotional health is connected to my digestive health.

Gotta Breathe deep and LET IT GO.

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