Ultimate Gut Powder

The Ultimate Gut Powder

Researched. Blended. Tested.

The Gut Healing Green Powder is an exclusive creation of Body Rejuvenate. It combines the wisdom of time with the science, a little bit of alchemy and a whole lot of love for our beautiful microbiomes.

Gut health is the crux of our immune system, and when the intestinal walls become weak or damaged, toxins and bacteria begin to seep into our blood stream and cause havoc on our health. This supplement powder was specifically formulated for gastrointestinal support to help ensure that what goes in our bodies passes as it should, giving us the nutrition we need and eliminating the rest.

L-Glutamine, Magnesium, Fiber, Quercetin and so much more

Protecting your gut is the smart move even if you are symptom free. It’s easier to maintain health than to regain it.

It is imperative to have a strong digestive tract with a healthy microbiome in order for the substances we take in to pass effectively through the body without leaking bacteria, toxins or waste through the digestive linings or at the junctions.

Alleviates stomach discomfort, bloating and keeps you regular

Much of our digestive tract can be protected and maintained through a proper diet filled with whole foods, lightly cooked with little to no processing and limited medications and artificial substances entering our system.

Unfortunately, we can’t all live that way and our health is suffering. The Gut Healing Green Powder may help alleviate temporary gas and bloating and keep you regular.


L-Glutamine, Pre- and Probiotics, Quercetin, Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Fiber complex (Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Irish Moss, Witch Hazel, Rosehip, MSM, Licorice Root, Quercetin, Aloe Vera, Zinc, Multivitamin and mineral complex, Amino Acids.


(the following is a guideline for most users)

1 x Heaped teaspoon of Gut Healing Green Powder
1 x Heaped teaspoon of Camels Milk powder (optional but to be used for
optimum results – sold by Body Rejuvenate)
100 ml x Coconut water
150 ml x Filtered water
1/2 cup of Frozen blueberries Banana (optional for taste sensitive users)

** In severe cases optional to add 1 level tsp of L-Glutamine and 1 tsp Apple
Cider Vinegar **

********Blend all above together and enjoy********