Catherine Vermeulen

– Health Professional and Practice Owner of Body Rejuvenate

Before I start to tell you my story… Does the following sound familiar? This has happened to me…

Hearing things from doctors like, “It’s all in your head,” “are you stressed?”, “nothing is wrong with you,” “the tests are negative,” “your blood results are all in range,” and “take these pills”. Doctors do their best to help us, they do not intentionally mean to not heal us when we need to but our medical system across the globe is designed to give you what you need in the moment to help you manage symptoms you are feeling. This has merit but in some cases we need more. We need to dig deeper and find more information to heal the root issue and find underlying causes to our symptoms.

I became a Health professional because of my own health history and my dedication and passion to feeling well, without masking symptoms through medication.

For a big part of my life I was morbidly obese and as you can imagine had a tough time growing up battling in school and life in general. Over time I have lost my weight and balanced my hormones and all because I started with my GUT and healing from the inside.

Like many of my clients, I’ve experienced chronic and debilitating digestive symptoms, that sometimes left me unable to go out of the house. These chronic symptoms started to take over my life. I became addicted to laxatives and any diet pill or injection I could get my hands on as desperation crept in.

I was given the same old diagnoses like IBS after numerous colonoscopies. I also suffered with hormone imbalances, chronic headaches, fatigue, anxiety and vertigo. I know what it’s like to have poor health and to feel isolated and afraid. Although we are all a work in progress I have cleared 95% of my health concerns that seemed like a lifetime of struggle. Most Importantly I also know what it feels like to heal and live life fully again. Conscious, healthy and happy. 

My wellbeing is mostly due to my own personal dedication to feel well but to my aid, found some of the best functional doctors and practitioners that helped me every step of the way. 

As a result, I learned that healing can take place. I recognised that so many of us are coping with chronic issues that we believe, or have been told, are “normal”. With this in mind and my personal experience, it became clear that I needed to help others navigate the exhausting maze of chronic symptoms using the resources, education and passion I have for healing. 

I been committed to ongoing learning, welcoming new research, and implementing new practices that makes a difference and have dedicated myself to ongoing study in the advancing disciplines of natural, alternative, integrative, and Functional Medicine. 

Let us start with you!


Kim von During

– Colon Hydrotherapist / Numerologist / Councillor

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Albert van Zyl

– Medic / Ozone and Lymph Therapist

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– Receptionist / Practice Manager

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