The Medicine of Life

Holistic Healing is the integration of Mind, Body and Spirit within the Universe

The Medicine of Life

Body Rejuvenate is a holistic health practice and offers services that support natural detoxification through cleansing to enhance natural beauty and improve overall wellness. We are conveniently located in Tamboerskloof, Cape Town. Internationally you can also find us at Braintree, Massachusetts in the USA, Surabaya in Java, Indonesia and we are opening soon in Canggu, Bali.

Holistic Health Practice

Body Rejuvenate is a holistic health practice focusing on Colon Hydrotherapy, Oxygen Therapy, and Detox Services, and is owned by Catherine Vermeulen.

Catherine has spent most of her adult life travelling around the world. She has trained and worked in many countries and has now chosen to settle back in Cape Town, sharing her health knowledge and expertise with all that choose to work with her.

Catherine is passionate about wellness and supporting people in overcoming their health issues, and transforming their lives.

Our Philosophy

At Body Rejuvenate we encourage our clients to feel empowered and to be in control of their Wellness.  We educate the effective use of food, supplements, herbs and lifestyle changes to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities to prevent disease. It is widely understood that many health conditions are caused by nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances and toxicity. Preventative healthcare is key, with many conditions being easily treatable before they take hold of the body.

At Body Rejuvenate we promote Holistic Health, leading by example and believe we can be pillars of vitality in the midst of a toxic world.  Whether you are an expert or a novice at cleansing we are here to support you every step of the way in a relaxed, stress-free environment. We love and respect our clients and are here to guide by providing education, support and plenty of care.

Our Promise

Body Rejuvenate treatments can manage and prevent a wide variety of conditions from digestive disorders to low mood, fatigue, memory loss, joint pain, allergies, eczema, etc.  These treatments can work alone or alongside orthodox medicine.

The sensible way forward is identifying and treating the underlying causes, correcting mineral and vitamin deficiencies, eliminating allergies and removing heavy metal toxicity.

We are dedicated to your Health and Well-Being and are committed to creating a clean, safe and nurturing environment where all healing potential is possible. Let us support you in being the most healthy YOU!

Braintree, Massachusetts

This is mainly for ozone and online health consultations. It forms part of the Bayshore Athletic Club in Braintree. For the professional athletes and general public exercising there, ozone compliments their detoxification, muscle repair and strengthening the immune.

Surabaya, Java, Indonesia

I have additional certification education and understand the need for special and natural treatment when working with the individuals in the autistic spectrum.  The main aim of my work in Indonesia is for children with autism to help them reconnect the body and brain. I’m working at a clinic which already supports children with teaching the required life skills that go beyond the realm of traditional/ conventional educators and education centres. My part at the centre involves nutritional protocols and strengthening detox pathways for children to be more neurologically responsive.