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I have run a successful practice based in Cape Town, Massachusetts and Netherlands since 2016.  I’m a Functional Medicine Certified Health and Wellness Coach from the Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Academy and affiliated with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM). Through all my studies, certified programs and general courses, I have built integrative knowledge on nutrition and building immune systems focussing on gut health. The microbiome is so complex and affects your overall health and it’s believed that the state of your gut health represents your overall health in your body.

“Health is our natural state of being. Only when this natural state is compromised by our unconscious actions every day, does disease begin.”

“My main goal through my work is to raise consciousness in the world through creating healthier happier people, one client at a time. We are living in a tough and busy society with high demands which in turn creates stress and anxiety. We need healthy bodies and an amazing microbiome to withstand illness, diseases and viruses that come our way.  A healthy gut also ensures you are getting enough serotonin, a hormone to help create happy juice to our brain that helps to create a happier you through simply being more healthy, mindful and educated.”

“Health is our natural state of being. Only when this natural state is compromised by our unconscious actions every day, does disease begin.”

Living Things Need Conscious Attention

Without conscious attention, living things will wither.  We are no exception.  When we are conscious we are able to make choices that are healthy, supportive and create vibrance. If we are simply surviving our day, then we will tend to choose unconsciously, reaching for the things that require the least effort.  Being unconscious means sabotaging our health one day at a time.

To become a conscious body means listening to your symptoms and understanding their meaning.  It means making different choices today than you made yesterday.


At Body Rejuvenate we offer gentle Colon Hydrotherapy, a guided Detox Fasting Program, Cleanses and Oxygen Therapy, and we share the latest findings in the world of health and wellbeing.

Our individualised services support opening the channels of elimination of the lymph, blood, liver, kidney, skin and lungs for improved health and optimal immune function.  These elimination channels physically and energetically share the primary elimination pathway, the colon. We welcome you and look forward to serving you on your path to Optimal Wellness.

Your passion for people to restore their health is an inspiration.  I love your invitation for us to think of our COLON as the second brain
and as a garden where everything flourishes, where flowers grow and thrive. You have a fountain of knowledge that should be shared widely with South Africa.

Thank you for reminding me that my health is my most valuable gift, that once our health is lost, life is not worth much, it loses its flavour and joy. You will certainly be seeing me twice a year from now on for my 10-day detox and ozone therapy. I want to reach my mature years in excellent health. Blessings.

Wendy Luhabe