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Body Rejuvenate

Living things need conscious attention...

About us

We strive not only to rejuvenate the body, but also to educate our clients and promote healthy choices. We offer a healing environment where our guests can unwind, forget the pressures life brings and feel at home.

What we do

Our mission is to empower your beauty wellness through cleansing, detoxification and organic beauty therapies. We believe that we can renew our bodies and be well through cleansing and plant therapies.

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  • We live in the age of technology and instant gratification that makes it so easy to forget the reward of a journey and the grounding patience with a process. This is increasingly apparent in most people’s approach to health.

What will a colonic do?

Total Wellness
To expect…

Help clear old stubborn debris from the colon (organ which holds the most toxic waste).Thus aiding in the detoxification of the liver which is off loading its waste into the colon via the bile duct.


Aid in…

Also aiding in the drainage of 80% the lymphatic system, which deposits its waste into the colon via lymphatic tissue on the left hand side. The remaining 20% of lymph will be drained away by the kidneys.

Boosting you…

The above process will be boosted by taking both liver cleansing herbs: i.e. milk thistle @ 1 with each meal for 3 weeks, Bladder and kidney cleansing herbs.

Get moving…

Lymphatic drainage is best dealt with by either increasing cardio vascular exercise,dry skin brushing or massage.

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Total Wellnes

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“Health is our natural state of being. Only when this natural state is compromised by our unconscious actions every day, does disease begin.”

— Dr. Karen Clickner