I was suffering with constipation for almost a year and tried everything natural I could lay my hands on but nothing seemed to help.  I am a vegetarian and eat fairly healthy and could not understand why my body was not working with me.  Out of desperation and as a last attempt I googled for Colonic therapists and found Catherine online, I thank my lucky stars I did!

Catherine was extremely helpful in explaining to me how the body works and why this could possibly be happening.  She is very professional, and her treatment space is warm and inviting.  I had a couple of colonic sessions and immediately started feeling better.  The sessions were not always ‘fun’, but Catherine has a way of encouraging you and making you feel so supported.  I also got my partner to see Catherine as I knew this is something she should also try.  Catherine suggested we both go on her ‘Reset diet’ and then do the 10 day fast.  Although a bit nervous, I was so desperate to feel better that I would have done almost anything!  The whole process was guided by Catherine and she was available for any queries regarding what to eat or how I was feeling.  I felt safe with her and it helped me to push through the times that I was not feeling so good due to detox system as my body had a lot to let go of!  

Not only have my bowels become regular, I am not bloated anymore, my brain fog is almost gone, I lost 5kg and have still not gained it back, my energy levels have increased; overall I feel amazing!  We are eating even more healthy now and we are conscious of what food does not feel good in the body, so making better food choices in general.  It feels like my gut has totally been reset, it feels better on all levels.  Catherine is a wealth of wisdom, and she really helped us to understand our bodies better and what food to avoid.  This whole process was quite intense but Catherine’s deep understanding of the body and her amazing way of being supportive and holding the space really made me feel completely held and safe.  I can wholeheartedly recommend her services and especially the Reset diet and fast to one and all.  I am so incredibly grateful that I met Catherine, she totally saved me. 


Wagworld, South Africa

Your passion for people to restore their health is an inspiration.  I love your invitation for us to think of our COLON as the second brain
and as a garden where everything flourishes, where flowers grow and thrive. You have a fountain of knowledge that should be shared widely with South Africa.

Thank you for reminding me that my health is my most valuable gift, that once our health is lost, life is not worth much, it loses its flavour and joy. You will certainly be seeing me twice a year from now on for my 10-day detox and ozone therapy. I want to reach my mature years in excellent health. Blessings.

Wendy Luhabe