Personal Health Coach

Think of me like a health detective and wellness coach working in partnership with you to restore your health. I don’t diagnose disease, as placing a word to sum up your symptoms is not really making the problem go away, but places a lot of mental stress on a client.  I help you to stop struggling with your health so you can get back to living your best life.

We work together to get to the root of your chronic symptoms, to eat well, sleep well, move more and stress less. Through this partnership, you’ll learn how to implement necessary lifestyle changes either uncovered through our work together or prescribed by your health care provider. This process helps you reclaim your health for good!

This is your opportunity to work one-on-one and have the support of a trained professional. It feels good to have an advocate and ally, and I am trained to stand side-by-side with you on your health journey.

Functional nutrition coaching allows us to create a partnership where we explore the most appropriate nutrition for your body.  I work through an amazing US based platform which allows me to personalise nutritional plans to your specific needs. It can be as detailed as you would like and can even be as specific to how much time you want to spend in the kitchen if prepping meals is not for you. It’s the easiest program I have ever worked with and it really eliminates the old school way of hours of meal prep and complicated food shopping lists. Everyone is different. 

Using functional medicine lab testing as appropriate, we can discover food triggers and other hidden stressors in your body and use those healing opportunities to allow your body to tap into it’s own vital reserve to get well. This process, over time can restore your health for the long run.