Holistic Lifestyle & Diet Consultation

Holistic Lifestyle & Diet Consult

For thousands of years, herbs have been used to nourish and heal, providing both symptom relief and repair of underlying conditions. Herbs are safe, effective and much less costly than prescription drugs and supplements. While a Holistic Lifestyle & Diet Consultation is designed as more of a ‘discovery session’, your journey to health starts here, and you will leave the session with action steps to further your health and life.

We will review your current mind-body health situation together so that we both get crystal clear about where you are, and where you want to be. We look at your life, your values, vision, habits, what’s working and what’s not working for you. We discuss treatment methods, timelines, and what your priority areas of focus are.


A Holistic Lifestyle & Diet Consultation is a private and comprehensive assessment of your health history, daily routines, behavioural patterns, lifestyle and relationships. During the session you will benefit from the following:

Understand and develop your personal health plan to realise a step-change to a better you.

Your personal health coach will support you in building healthy new habits and create sustainable lifestyle changes.

Nutritional advice with insightful tips on your diet and lifestyle.

Holistic health awareness to help you become healthier and happier in all areas of your life – physical, emotional and spiritual.

Catherine’s training and years of experience enable her to look for patterns in your symptoms and your body state that indicate which herbs will work best for your unique health situation.

Private Holistic Health Consultations

These begin with an initial assessment appointment. Working with Catherine, you will discuss your current state of health, how your symptoms are impacting your life, and what you would most like to improve.

During follow-up appointments, Catherine will note improvements and discuss your next steps for creating greater vitality and wellness. You will receive recommendations for herbs, foods and lifestyle changes.


The consultation takes an hour.

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