Cleanse, purify, and recharge your body

Colon Hydrotherapy

A healthy, strong functioning colon is essential to maintaining good health. Your colon, together with the kidneys, lungs and skin are responsible for eliminating waste from the body. Over time your colon may lose its ability to properly eliminate all waste from the gastrointestinal tract due to a combination of poor diet, improper food-combining, drug intake, routine dental procedures, and/or lifestyle.

When this occurs, your colon will become saturated with harmful toxins. Through a process called ‘autointoxication’, these toxic substances can be transported into the bloodstream where the lymphatic and circulatory systems, as well as the lungs and kidneys, become overburdened and expose you to serious health risks.

Colon Hydrotherapy (a.k.a. colonic, colon cleansing and colonic irrigation) is a gentle, safe, effective method of removing waste, toxins and gas from the large intestine (colon), without the use of drugs. The procedure is one of the most powerful digestive detoxification treatments available. The removal of waste encourages better colon function and elimination.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing

The main benefit of eliminating toxic waste via colon hydrotherapy is that the number one source of disease in the body is effectively eradicated. As a result, the bowel works more efficiently in the elimination of waste and nutritional absorption is vastly improved – causing you to feel more vibrant, energetic and rejuvenated!

Cleansing the colon via colon hydrotherapy also helps to re-balance the alkaline-acid ratio in the body. By keeping the internal environment clean, the friendly bacteria thrive while the disease-causing bacteria do not.  Colon therapy is often utilised not only for detoxing and cleansing but also to renewal and relaxation.


There is no need to prepare yourself in any way, other than to have a bath or a shower and there is no need to empty your bowels before the treatment. We do advise that you avoid wheat, yeast, alcohol & sugar the day before and to drink lots of water and/or herbal teas. It is also strongly advised to stop with cruciferous vegetables and legumes at least 3 days prior to your appointment. We also suggest that you avoid the same, directly after the treatment. It is recommended to avoid eating 2 hours before your appointment as abdominal massage forms part of the treatment.

The therapist is good at relaxing you & is very experienced in dealing with nervous and first-time clients. Firstly the therapist will discuss your consultation form and ensure this is the correct treatment. The therapist will also explain the whole procedure to you and answer any questions you may have.

It is highly unlikely that the entire colon will be cleansed in one session alone and you will typically need three treatments quite close together, eg. Monday, Friday and following Wednesday OR Friday, following Wednesday and then following Monday after that. Once the initial build up is cleared, a treatment may be recommended every few months. This varies from client to client, depending on the reason for seeking treatment. Please DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT for the complete preparation information.

The Treatment

Infusing filtered and temperature regulated water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened, resulting in evacuation through natural peristalsis and abdominal massage. The inflow of a small amount of water and the release of waste is repeated several times. During a course of a colonic treatment, waste material between the amount of 2 and 9 kilograms can be removed.

The whole system is totally enclosed from the water inlet to the outlet, which goes straight down the drain. All equipment is perfectly safe. It is sterilised to hospital standards using approved solutions or it is disposed of. The insertion of the speculum is not painful and allows simultaneously for the intake of water and expulsion of waste. You will feel a slight pressure in the abdomen, which constantly builds up and releases during the treatment.

Your therapist is with you through the entire session, which is very important so that we can understand your individual needs. Colon hydrotherapy is one of the most effective ways of cleansing the lower intestinal tract (colon) and detoxifying the overall system.  Many clients experience relief after having a colonic and report an overall sense of well-being. Colon hydrotherapy is practised primarily to cleanse, purify, and recharge the body.

The Day After Colon Cleanse

It is best on the day of treatment to eat or drink mostly fruits and vegetables. Remember to continue to drink lots of water.

If your system is sensitive, it might be best to stay away from raw vegetables and red meat.  It is also recommended to stay away from foods that you know to be allergic, gas producing, constipating or bloating.

A list of foods to avoid will be given to you as a resource, before on pre-treatment document, as well as after your treatment.  It is common to have a delay in moving your bowels for up to 2-5 days after treatment.  Stay away from fried foods, junk food and any unhealthy, hard to digest items.  You should be taking a regular probiotic to keep the balance in your system or probiotic-rich foods that contain acidophilus or bifidus.

Please download this document for further information.

Colonic Implants

What is an Implant?

An implant is usually a small amount of concentrated liquid solution inserted into the colon through the rectum. This solution is retained however long the body allows it in the colon, normally absorbed to its entirety. The solution can consist of probiotics or coffee, and any other nutritive combinations. The effect and benefits are far more potent than ingesting orally because the chosen nutrients do not have to travel through the entire digestive tract to be absorbed into the body.

The inserted solution will be directly absorbed into your muscle tissues, veins and nervous system. Special situations would be for patients who have a debilitated liver or a degenerated digestive tract. In these instances, obtaining nourishment through colon implants is more immediate.

Colonic Implants can be used during, after, or between Colon Hydrotherapy sessions for added benefit. While Colon Hydrotherapy is useful for cleansing and expelling built up toxins, implants are solutions that are introduced into the colon. Each type of implant has a different effect and is chosen for the specific health requirements of each client.

COST: From R100 (price of different implants can vary)

Types of Implants Offered at Body Rejuvenate

Implants are all concentrated versions of foods that should be eaten as part of your daily diet. The advantage of implants is that these foods do not need to pass through the stomach and the healthful elements are not changed or broken down by the acid in your stomach before making it to the colon. This makes implants an efficient way to introduce particular benefits to your body very quickly.

A list of possible implants:

  • Coffee – This cleans out the body’s natural waste removal systems by encouraging the liver to expel built up toxins quickly
  • Chlorophyll – This nourishes the colon walls and feeds the good bacteria you need to digest food
  • Probiotics & Colostrum – These are the good bacteria that you need in your gut to have healthy digestion. In Colon Hydrotherapy, probiotics that are already in your colon get flushed out along with the waste. With a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables, the bacteria in your gut will naturally flourish again, but a probiotic implant will jump-start the process. When used in conjunction with colostrum, the probiotics will remain in your gut permanently.
  • Organic raw cracked-cell Chlorella implant – One of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet, packed with 20 bioavailable nutrients that cleanse, energise, and heal the body.
  • Organic Green Power Blend implant – Bursting with green goodness from 14 of the most powerful leafy green vegetable, fruit, root, and sea vegetable sources, our Organic Green Power Blend provides antioxidant support, fuel for the body, and healing compounds for allover well-being. This also reduces food cravings.
  • Organic Acai Berry implant – This nutritional powerhouse is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods in the world and has been used medicinally for thousands of years by native tribes in the Amazon Rainforest.  It is a great source of monounsaturated (healthy) fats, dietary fibre, and phytosterols, which support cardiovascular health.  It is extremely high in antioxidants.
  • Organic raw Cacao implant – Cacao contains more antioxidants than any food known to man, and our cacao powder is minimally processed and dried at low temperatures to allow you to reap the maximum amount of health benefits of the pure cacao bean.
  • Sesame Seed Oil – This has been used since ancient times for its many healing properties. It’s nourishing to the colon wall, and modern research studies suggest in some case it may inhibit the growth of cancerous cells.
  • Chamomile teaThis is deeply relaxing and eases the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.