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Welcome to Body Rejuvenate!

At Body Rejuvenate our goal is to help each individual reach their goals for their lives; to look and feel great, to be relaxed and at peace within their bodies and their lives.

We love plants, we love gardens, we love to grow things and surround ourselves with flowers, fruit, food and foliage.

 living things need conscious attention…

Without conscious attention, living things will wither.  We are no exception.  When we are conscious we are able to make choices that are healthy, supportive and create vibrance.  But if we are simply surviving our day, then we will tend to choose unconsciously, reaching for the things that require the least effort.  Do the drive-through, skip exercise, smoke a cigarette, take an aspirin, forget to drink any water, hope the third cup of coffee will wake us up, even drive on auto-pilot while texting.  Being unconscious means sabotaging our health one day at a time.  And one of the biggest mistakes we make is believing we can get everything we need from the food we eat.  That is no longer true in our world, just as a plant can no longer get everything it needs from the soil it sits in.

To become a conscious body means listening to your symptoms and understanding their meaning.  It means making different choices today than you made yesterday.

“Health is our natural state of being. Only when this natural state is compromised by our unconscious actions every day, does disease begin.”

— Dr. Karen Clickner